The big boss and his family

The big boss and his family

At Kolmården Wildlife Park

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  1. Really nice park; better than a lot of places they are kept in!

  2. your back garden?

  3. I would have liked to see the front, instead of the behind 😉

  4. Hey! I didn't know your were at my family reunion!

  5. Oh..this is just too funny!! Love how you've captured this big guy!!!

  6. impressive animal indeed

  7. what a impressive animal

  8. Oh man, he's a big one.

  9. I think it was very effective to get him from the rear. Fine animal shot.

  10. Gorgeous capture . Love the little baby on a back 😉

  11. Too funny!!! Love the shot 🙂

  12. Great capt

  13. Well captured. He really seems to be the boss!

  14. Stunning colors and detail..great POV..Seems you crept up on this dangerous guy!! Great shot!

  15. superbe prise !

  16. looks like the boss needs to go on a diet.. he's got massive lovehandles.. ;D nicely captured.. 🙂

  17. It looks so clean. It also looks like they're very well cared for.

  18. just like me in my garden 🙂

  19. Wonderfull and powerfull …

  20. yes a powerful photo very nice composed

  21. Ominous capture, definitely a powerful looking creature, excellent shot. This Wildlife Park looks like an interesting and fascinating place to visit.

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