To this…

To this
  1. impressing macro with very nice colors.
    I like your photgraphic style also in your other pictures.

  2. I like your from this to this!
    Hope you enjoy the book "Photo Impressionism" and I look forward to seeing some images inspired by it.

  3. Beautiful and perfect.

  4. I like the way tis blossom seems to explode in every direction. Wonderful detail and rich color make it a very appealing image.

  5. Fantastic angle and detail. WoW!!

  6. Always such lovely edges on your flowers. I like the blue.

  7. the crispness and vividness of this one is just amazing.. well done.. 😀

  8. Stunning close-up shot, the colors are absolutely beautiful along with an excellent DOF.

  9. Gorgeous colours!

  10. Wow, great sharpness.

  11. And this is what it came from. Brilliant, Frida! You are so good at these.

  12. Frida, you are soo quick with your comment. Through the hot temperatures here I need soooo long to think 😉

    That`s a brilliant cornflower, wonderful fresh and clear. Love the colors too.

    I come later to your blog to view more, till then 🙂

  13. lovely!

  14. wonderful shot with stunning colour

  15. Fine macro and nice blue colors

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