Introducing Princess Fanny

Princess Fanny

This is baby Fanny, my second grandchild. She was born August 2nd and she is the first child of my youngest daughter.

  1. Beautiful and serene baby – she's got a full head of hair!
    Congrats! (This is a bumper crop year for grandkids!)

  2. Fin Fanny 🙂

  3. Fanny looks so peaceful and I love the black and white.

  4. A beauty; how wonderful!

  5. Wonderful to have another grandchild!

  6. How cute. Very nice close up. Congratulations.

  7. nice b&w portrait

  8. She's beautiful!! Congratulations – again..and again..and again!

  9. congratulations, she is beautiful!!!

  10. She's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I like this so much in greyscale.

  11. A beautiful youngster with a fine head of hair already. Nice close up shot.

  12. Would you look at that head of hair! Congratulations, Frida. You now are ahead of me by one grandchild. 😀

  13. Oh, she's beautiful. Congratulations to you and your daughter! I love her little hand.

  14. what a beauty–congratulations

  15. lovely portrait, and welcome little life!!!!!

  16. What a beautiful little doll…congratulations!

  17. This is a beautiful natural portrait. Looks really good in black & white!

  18. Congratulations to all the family Frida.

  19. Congratulations … Grandma again! Superb picture of e really beautifull baby girl

  20. lovely photo, all the best to you, congrats

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