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  1. Very beautifull

  2. Very pretty; like it is spitting out the flower.

  3. Very nice details and lines.

  4. Lovely in its simplicity. Very nice selective focus.

  5. You really have a way of making ordinary plants look like little aliens 😉

  6. Exquisite detail..and such stunning light. Beautiful!!!

  7. so delicate with light and dof. lovely !

  8. gorgeous capture.

  9. Wonderful fragile……..

  10. Stunning.

  11. supershot, amazing sharpness

  12. super macro

  13. Woaw, what a capture … the shalow depth of field is awesome …

  14. awesome photo, it's very difficult for me say more, it' s marvelous

  15. Superb and interesting macro photograph. The wonders of nature always astonish me!

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