Harvest Time

Harvest time
  1. When it's time to harvest, I always sneeze my head off! 🙁

  2. love the haze, lovely

  3. It looks like you could use some of our rain, Frida?

  4. A real marvellous capture. I like the dust and it´s just a pity it´s a sign of the end of summer!

  5. That is what it looks like around here too. Dry, dusty, brown…

    Great shot!

  6. Super capture . Love this feel of dust on your foto 🙂

  7. watch out for your equipment for the dust

  8. Wonderful capture of this harvest scene, one can feel the mood and atmosphere from this shot.

  9. the softness brought up by the dust gives this scene a warm, homely feel.. nice capture..

  10. A fine capture of this in-the-field action. I like how you placed the equipment in the frame… The shot has a nice, dynamic balance. Well done.

  11. Oh great, my kids would love the picture ;o)
    They are crazy with those mashines.
    You did a great job with the photo!

  12. Du har verkligen lyckats fånga action. Man riktigt ser hur den kör där. Det är nästan så jag hör den också- 🙂

  13. great shot! Oh how busy that person is!

  14. Seems like an early harvest. Love the dust, but glad I'm not in it:-)

  15. Gorgeous color and light in this. Love it!!!

  16. Lovely and dusty 😉

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