Itsy bitsy spider

Itsy Bitsy Spider
  1. Love how this spider is framed and the wonderfully colored bokeh background!

  2. Fantastic dof. I like the colours and the details.

  3. lovely colors

  4. Perfect focusing here, love the background too.

  5. Nice capture, I've tried to take a few shots of these garden spiders lately but none have come out well. For some strange reason there have been a TON of them around the yard in the last week.

  6. That splash of color in the background is just terrific and such wonderful detail on your creepy subject…….wonderfully done.

  7. Wonderful macro of a spider and colors.

  8. nice macro with a beautiful Bokeh

  9. You are the 2nd person to have a picture of a spider on their blog today, my skin is crawling. Amazing shot though, from what I could see before I blacked out.

  10. the soft cottony bokeh too..

  11. Altho not a big fan of spiders..this one is exquisitely beautiful. Not just the detail..but the background bokeh and colors.

  12. perfect! I love spiders, especially the garden variety kind, this is a fabulous shot.

  13. Awesome macro. Bokeh is amazing.

  14. absolutely exquisite! The detail which is outstanding! and the colours in the perfectly excecuted shallow dof really complement one another. Excellent work.
    It's refreshing to see images where the photographer is skilled in creating appropriate shallow dof and does not rely on creating fake blur in PS. Great work.

  15. Doesn't look very itsy bitsy.

  16. Great macro! I like the detail in the web.

  17. wow Frida it's absolutely perfect, impressive macro

  18. Top Makro shot !!

  19. Nice Makro shot

  20. Beautiful spider. Nicely framed.

  21. wow, not really itsy-bitsy
    (btw, did you know that the phrase itsy bitsy comes from the hungarian language?)

  22. This is an incredible shot! I love the pink and greens. Beautiful and creepy at the same time.

  23. Creepy, creey, creepy! How do you stand it????

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