Last man standing

Last man standing
  1. Interesting shot of thriving amongst decay.

  2. Great title 🙂 Love the colors.

  3. Well composed, nice colours too

  4. Wonderful colors, details and a matching title.

  5. Such a sweet title . . it conveys a sense of pathos to this lovely shot.

  6. Nicely spotted Frida and wonderful light!

  7. What gorgeous color and light. Sad..isn't it? That this is the end??

  8. It looks like one of those plastic/rubber flowers someone stuck on it for show, Frida. Such an unlikely place for a blossom to grow…but it does, and teaches us a story about the beauty midst Life's trials and tribulations!

  9. A last blossom in a great light.

  10. Such a beauty there among the older growth.

  11. nice. life in the middle of nothing.

  12. beautiful closeup . great colors and light

  13. The juxtaposition of the pretty blossom with the debris of what's left afterward… makes a very strong picture. It's eye-catching and photographed very well.

  14. stunning, love the vibrant colors

  15. Great close-up. I like the 'last man standing' title – funny!

  16. excellent capture and a great title

  17. Beautiful composition and light.

  18. Sehr Speziel wunderschön !!


  20. Beautiful shot from above, nice color.

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