Summer has gone by so fast

Summer has gone by so fast

First week of Autumn already and summer seems far away.

  1. Unusual butterfly at work, nice capture

  2. Lovely tones.

  3. True words and a beautiful capture.
    This year I have unfortunately only seen a few butterflies.

  4. lovely shot – you did great with this butterfly – I met this species a lot in this summer – but they were always to fast for me ;D

  5. Yes it has! Lovely butterfly.

  6. beautifully done, as usual

  7. So sharp and so wonderful bokeh! Great and very beautiful. There is one advantage with the autumn coming and it is the fabulous colors. But we will miss the summer very much anyway.

  8. Yes, it certainly has. Your color palette really gives a sense of autumn. (took me a few seconds to realize that was a yellow butterfly. those and the little white ones are the only ones that don't completely freak me out:-)

  9. delicacy is the real power of this photo!!!

  10. Superb image with a excellent framing. Colors are very beautiful. Have a lovely day.

  11. It's gone, perhaps, Frida, but look how well you help us remember!

  12. Interesting picture showing the mimetism of the butterfly which look like a leaf.

  13. Thanks, Frida, for your comments 🙂 My blog is still alive, but the time is rar and first of all the "delight" to make pictures is not very big …

    The autumn can be so wonderful too. Your picture is lovely as always ! 🙂

  14. wow! that's so sharp!

  15. A beautiful garden shot of this visitor and the plant. I like the detail and mild color of the scene. Nice one.

  16. This is lovely! I like the muted colors of the flower and the gorgeous leaf-like butterfly! I never see this type of butterfly around where I live.
    It seems like summer is still hanging on here; warmer than normal temps and I still have to water way too much.

  17. Exquisite beauty. And – yes – summer has come and gone much too fast!!!

  18. wonderful capture, love the compo

  19. BEautiful ! Great light and tones , so warm tones !

  20. yes it's true but here's the time for the beautiful autumn

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