1. Mmmm, now you're making me hungry Frida!

  2. Twix…always a favourite and a cool close-up.

  3. I guess Twix is Twix in every language. Nice macro.

  4. Blir verkligen godissugen nu! Härlig bild.

  5. What a sweet shot!

  6. oh , you have the same sweets like us … good POV

  7. wow, this looks so very unhealthy and delicious ;D Brilliant colours.

  8. a favourite!!

  9. yummie…. Remember the day where Twix was called Raider (at least in Germany it was called Raider and they changed the name in 1991, don't know about other countries). I guess at least 70% of the Germans still know the brand Raider :).

  10. And twix is your favorite too? 😉

  11. It's one of my Dutch vocabulary words, Frida: snoepjes. 🙂 I'm guessing every language has a word for this! Lekker.

  12. very perfect use of aperture, lovely colors, i like it

  13. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmie

  14. looks yummy! 🙂

  15. Härlig bild, har försökt ta godiset en bra stund nu 🙂

  16. Oh, mumsigt. Fin fokusering.

  17. A fine candy shot. I like how you focused on the packaged candy. Tasty looking shot.

  18. cool

  19. Vilken underbar härligt färgglad bild på härligt goda sötsaker! :O)

    Ha en skön dag!

  20. Åh, vad gott det sert ut, bra fotat!

  21. Ibland blir det några hekto med lösgodis. Tror jag passerar någon godisaffär på hemvägen. 😉

  22. Jag gillar närbilder! Och lite härlig färgterapi så här på en tisdag, kan aldrig vara fel. 🙂

    Tack/Ha det gott!

  23. Please, can I get a piece 😉

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