Vision and Verb is a collaboration of women of a certain age who have a passion for photography and writing, or who have a passion for one and a willingness to grow and develop the skills in the other. What exactly does “women of a certain age” mean?

It means that we are women in the prime of our lives, slightly older women whose children are grown or mostly grown. We are also women who’ve never had children, single women, married women, straight women, gay women, women who live in the country or the city or a foreign land.

Above all, we are women who have had life experiences and the desire to share those experiences and our unique perspectives with you.

Today is my turn to write so come on over to Vision and Verb

  1. minimalist and evocative, very nice.

  2. The last was much better, now this one just seems flat a boring, sorry 🙂

  3. so warm and lovely — what a beautiful image

  4. Wonderfully conceived and beautifully executed. Love the soft warmth that the image evokes…..memories of a comfortable past. Very nice.

  5. I like this version too. ( I saw the next one first.)

  6. And – I just browsed through this site – your photography is stunning!!!

  7. Frida, thank you so much for the nice comment on my blog and for welcoming me to Vision and Verb. I am very excited to be part of that wonderful blog.

  8. Such a beautiful element of autumn. I like the simplicity.

  9. have you shot it through a curtain or net? looks great

  10. A perfect example of autumn's harvest – now let's dip them in caramel and really experience this treat 🙂

  11. A beautiful image of these apples. The subtle color and textures are remarkable for their soft, natural look. A beautiful picture.

  12. The texture makes this look like an aquarell painting – your tones are fabulous frida – soft and 70s, a beautiful apple presentation – this would be perfect for my kitchen ;D

  13. Nice, simple composition.

  14. delicate presentation in minimalism context

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