Give me shelter

Give me shelter
  1. The warm colors are beautiful. Very nice photo!

  2. oh i love this! like a baby getting shelter from its mama…and i love the spiderweb

  3. Beautiful, well done!

  4. Love this.

  5. Very nice details!

  6. So delicate. Like another world.

  7. Your macros are so neat and involving – an entire fairytale could be written from this scene beginning with "Once upon a time a little elf bounded out of his webbed hammock…"

  8. Really good capture!

  9. OH how tiny they are compared to the lichen in the back! Again the fabby tones and a spot on focus on that tinyweeny web!

  10. One mushroom sheltering under another, cool shot.

  11. such detail, wonderful image…

  12. beautiful take on this precious creature:)) nice work!

  13. love your little web around the toadstools

  14. lovely colors.. they almost look like candy.. 😉

  15. Lovely shot. I especially like the cobwebs floating under the mushrooms.

  16. If mushrooms could talk! Gotta love it, Frida. 🙂

  17. This is awesome, I really like the smaller mushroom sheltered under the cap of the larger mushroom. The spider web is a perfect element to the scene. The entire scene gives me an enchanted-like feeling.

  18. Exquisite beauties!! It seems mushrooms are popping up matter where we are in the world!!

  19. Very well seen. Wonderful details.

  20. cool dof, i love the detail of the spider's net

  21. A beautiful little world.

  22. All my favorite blogging photographers seem to be posting amazing mushroom shots – the spider web detail on this is stunning.

  23. Fantastic colors and details. Very nice.

  24. seems like a loving relationship between mother and son

  25. baby mushroom cuddles mama mushroom, so lovely 🙂

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