Prefer to be free and not a slave – While you still can move.

No slave

Originally, Djäkneberget was a rocky hill with no vegetation. Sam Lidman had the idea to make Djäknebergets to a place for man’s education in mind and body. 1862, work began to plant trees and shrubs, and constructing paths, stairways, and small gazebos with a beautiful view over the city and lake.

The uniqueness of Djäknebergets are approximately 500 stones with inscriptions that Sam Lidman carved. Djäkneberget is now a beautiful park for all ages with a miniature golf course, dance hall, restaurant and cafeteria. All this in the middle of the town of Västerås.

  1. simple but so powerful.

  2. Very moving words to leave behind. I like seeing your language in print.

  3. great find and good words. fantastic shot

  4. Wow, what an amazing place. Very strong inscription on the stone!

  5. Cool. I know a monument in my surroundings with almost the same message: “Leaver dea as slaaf” witch means something like: In stead of being a slave I rather be dead. This wiki gives you the details (if you're interested):

  6. Verkar värt ett besök, jag tror nästan att jag vet vart det ligger 🙂

    Ha det gott, kram

  7. Another really intriguing photograph and thank you for the information as well. So very interesting.

  8. is that what it says? if so, then that's some good advice.. 🙂

  9. nice bw shot

  10. What a terrific inscription on this stone. So very inspiring. And – thank you for the translation…:-)

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