Seasonal changes over at V&V

Seasonal Changes

Vision and Verb is a collaboration of women of a certain age who have a passion for photography and writing, or who have a passion for one and a willingness to grow and develop the skills in the other. What exactly does “women of a certain age” mean?

It means that we are women in the prime of our lives, slightly older women whose children are grown or mostly grown. We are also women who’ve never had children, single women, married women, straight women, gay women, women who live in the country or the city or a foreign land.

Above all, we are women who have had life experiences and the desire to share those experiences and our unique perspectives with you.

Today is my turn to write so come on over to Vision and Verb

  1. lovely colours

  2. Do the doors open?? Nice symmetry.

  3. that's kinda cute!

  4. I always like how trees interact with the structures they're planted close too. I'm sure whoever planted this tree never imagined it would take over this house.

  5. What was first, house or tree? Looks like a cosy place.

  6. Its like a fairy tale Frida!! So beautifully photographed..I could live there for the rest of my life:)

  7. That is a beautiful shot. The tree is almost part of the house.

  8. Such a pretty place. Like out of a story book.

  9. what a delightful looking little place; lovely vignette

  10. such a charming little house.. nicely captured.. 🙂

  11. Cute! And everything is out there; a nice red fence, a fairytale tree and a little swing all in the sun. A happy shot…

  12. lovely compo exelnt use of space and perfect frame

  13. I like the swing. Nice shot

  14. what a lovely cottage

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