The color of water…


Last week we visited Härjarö nature reserve. A very nice place to spend a day with picnic and games. The water was so green as if someone had dumped toxic waste there. I suspect it was blooming algae or something like that.

  1. Beautiful, how the sun is captured in the "deep" green water. I love the composition.

  2. Yes it is because of algae. Sometimes I see it the same way in my area, but it is a pretty powerful color isn't it? That piece of sunlight fits in nicely here.

  3. Stunning. The color is fabulous.

  4. Magical reflections and light. WOW!

  5. Looks like extreme pollution or just plain agley 🙂 I hope it's the last.

  6. Hmm….very mirky looking. We have green water from hardwoods along the banks, but it doesn't look thick like that.

  7. excellent play of greens. it's a pleasure to look at this work !

  8. Wonderful light and magical water color. well done

  9. interesting, is the water supposed to be that colour???

  10. how beautiful

  11. Det här är bara så helt underbart. Vilken fantastisk effekt du fått fram i den här bilden.

  12. seems a perfect interpretation of an impressionist painting

  13. Great light and reflections. Love the greens.

  14. Neat reflections and contrasts. If something walked out of that water I'd recommend running!

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