The Stone Table

The Stone Table
  1. very cool!

  2. There's something you don't see everyday. I love wandering through cemeteries, reading the markers. I've never seen a table.

  3. Eerie!

  4. Terrific light on this. Wonderful in b&w!!!!

  5. what an incredible subject. I'd love to know more about it too.

  6. Wow, that is such an amazing find; your processing really brings out the carved lettering. At first I thought it was a sarcophagus but after looking a bit it seems more like a gloomy picnic table!

  7. A strong, provocative shot with the unusual stone table and inscriptions.

  8. Feels a little scary.

  9. That somehow is very morbid – but lovely without question!
    dark and sentimental, those aren´t gravestones, right?

  10. love the contrast created with the stones, impressive composition

  11. nice mood, very mystic, well done

  12. Interesting scene here. Don't know what the stones are saying here, but I like the dark setting. 1373-1873. That sure brings us back in time, makes me curious! A pure image with a nice rough feeling all over it.

  13. fantastic mood

  14. so full of mystery and intrigue…wonderful composition and tones!

  15. A mysterious shot with those inscriptions. Beautiful stone table and benches anyway.

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