Autumn rerun

Autumn Rerun
  1. Minimalistic and awesome. Excellent work!

  2. Simple with lovely and effective processing.

  3. superb use of texture. a terrific shot.

  4. Classic fine art photography. Nice one.

  5. wonderful processing, like chrome of metal

  6. Love these and how you've desaturated the color..making the image almost abstract!

  7. i love your processing, so graphic and moody

  8. Just perfect. Like the way you post processed things here. Very graphic as well.

  9. beautiful!!!! Wonderful processing!

  10. Very nice. I love the toning.

  11. Wonderful processing makes this photo to an artistic painting. Great work!

  12. What charming subject, light, tone and treatment!!! Beautiful touching mood!

  13. great texture, works nicely with this shot.

  14. love the mood

  15. Nice processing and love the textures.

  16. An excellent job of unique processing. I like this special effect very much.

  17. very artistic treatment 🙂 bravo !

  18. Nice PP

  19. Now that's a very cool and clever abstract, Frida. Well done!

  20. Great work for a very beautiful image

  21. they look like they're talking to each other

  22. Amazing, picture for the wall, great PP Frida.

  23. Lovely golden glow along with such beautiful tones. A wonderful autumn work of art.

  24. i like the vintage processing used here.. 🙂

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