Colorful walk

Colorful walk
  1. Nice! I do love these autumn days! Unfortunately, when I see a perfect autumn leave road like that here in Switzerland, then there are often cars parked alongside, so I can not really take a good image. So you are so lucky to have found a car free, perfect, road!

  2. Sådana här bilder får mig verkligen att inse varför jag älskar hösten. Oerhört vackert!

  3. Beautiful, just beautiful…!

  4. It's that time of year again when nature thrusts itself at for our attention. You did a nice capture with your photo.

  5. Vilken vacker höstbild. Den är nästan pastoral. Får mig att hoppas att det blir hyggligt väder i helgen, så man kommer ut nu när det är så här fint i naturen.

  6. Now that's a walk I want to take. So inviting.

  7. What a beautiful boulevard!
    Autumn is simply amazing.

  8. A picture for contemplation, with marvellous light and tones and a wonderful composition!

  9. Beautiful fall color and landscape! Love the shadows the trees cast on the ground as well as the fallen leaves blanketing the surroundings!

  10. That just doesn't need any words.

  11. gorgeous fall colour!

  12. Sigh…… A beautiful path to start my morning. Thank you, Frida.

  13. Stunning autumn scene. Love the color..the light..and especially how the trees line the way!!!

  14. wonderful yellow autumn mood !

  15. I just love the autumn, when all the colors slowly go's away in so many different shades. Nice shot here.

  16. That is such a beautiful place to walk. Do you mind if I join you?

  17. You're having a very nice Autumn. We're still warm and dry and the leaves are colorless and beginning to fall now. I notice your soil is black. It was like that where I grew up. Beautiful light and what a scene.

  18. Autumn is my favourite time of year, and it's scenes like this that make it so. Well done.

  19. such lovely fall colors.. well done.. 🙂

  20. love the way that roads dips behind the trees to hide…

  21. I feel like I can just walk into this beautiful photo and down that lovely road.

  22. That's just a slice of heaven there. I've been trying to get the perfect autumn shot, still haven't gotten it yet.

  23. Lovely colors and line of sight. Would love to go on a walking tour there.

  24. so inviting, i want to walk there

  25. pleasent location, wonderful with this autumn colors

  26. That's great!

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