Eye contact

Eye Contact
  1. It's looking real angry 😉

  2. this is fabulous, i love the way you processed it, it adds to the surreal quality

  3. Brilliant, a stunning macro! This guy is beautiful is his reflecting armour.

  4. wow…what a cool view of him!

  5. scary !!!!

  6. Cool!! Take about shallow DOF.

  7. what a cool macro shot .. nice work

  8. I think you can´t get closer. Great!

  9. WOW!…just WOW!!!

  10. this is an awesome macro, the eye contact is terrific!
    Ans the harmless animal looks sad and dangerous as well.

  11. Fantastic macro – looks a little bit scaring to me ;). What lens lets you move that close to the subject?

  12. Incredible macro. Wonderful depth of field.

  13. Oh my God… What a monster, like he's (she) is in for the kill. The detailing is stunning, so are greenish and yellowish colors of his back. Great macro!

  14. wow, he's a fearsome looking thing!

  15. looks a terror movie of fifty years, incredible beauty, compliments

  16. wow

  17. Who will blink first?

  18. With all the details here, you have really made this look like a giant 🙂

  19. love the iridescent forehead! great WW

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