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Engsö Christmas Market

Engsö Castle Christmas market were held this weekend. Lots of things to see and to buy 🙂

  1. oh gosh, what an excellent winter street scene.

  2. Love the scenery with the falling snow.

  3. A fabulous colour palette in this one Frida.

  4. Interesting. What strikes me is that he is not wearing gloves!

  5. A cool shot – in the truest sense of the word :-).

  6. =commitment!

  7. Ohh yes you really need to keep warm in the weather we are having at the moment 🙂

  8. Nice capture of this man from the Old time surrounded by snow

  9. Wonderful :)) Love these changes on your page .
    This is an awesome shot 🙂

  10. very nice!

  11. impressive weather condition, great result

  12. Somehow, the need for heat makes it seem colder.

  13. Very cool shot. His boots don't seem to match the costume.

  14. Everything about this says olden times, and then there's a baby stroller in the background. Wonderful!

  15. must've been hard back in the old days.. 🙂 very nice capture..

  16. fabulous!!!!!

  17. what a beautiful capture!!!

  18. cool capture

  19. This is a fine capture of snow falling and adding its charm to a picture that was already interesting. Fine action shot.

  20. Warmth in winter, one of life's essentials… shot. Great colors and great theme.

  21. You've got a timemachine?! 🙂 Fantastic photo, especially with the falling snow!

  22. wow, I LOVE this shot, the man, the fire and the show! supercool

  23. real wintery shot

  24. Åh spännande marknad ni verkar ha varit på! I dag -15 o vi håller oss på mattan. Ja förutom ett och annat pinkvarv så klart. 😉

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