Painting with colors…

Painting with colors
  1. i like the effect, nicely done

  2. Beautiful work Frida.

  3. very nice!!

  4. Glorious. Is it Spring already?

  5. Like a picture from the century before last. Simply beautiful!

  6. The interplay of colours, forms, and textures is such a charm! Exquiste!:-)

  7. Wow, this is a gorgeous piece of art, Frida! It would certainly do any wall proud.

  8. Absolutely lovely work here!

  9. Oooooo…..I love this. It would be gorgeous framed and hanging.

  10. très belle image.

  11. Love the painterly effect.

  12. A lovely 'postcard' of a picture…so so pretty!!

  13. Painting with colors is so much better than painting by numbers, Frida. Look at you! This is beautiful.

  14. I'll be honest in saying that I would not usually like this kind of image, however, there is an interesting quality to this photo and I REALLY like it! Its the textures and the greens/pinks. Quality

  15. Very artistic.

  16. What gorgeous pink, yellow, and texture. A dreamy image.

  17. Beautiful . Very sweet . Love what you got here. It could be a nice pattern for summer dresses 🙂

  18. Lovely effects and colors.

  19. Creative work!

  20. Exquisite!! Love the colors and your processing!

  21. sure is a nice way of presenting it.. 😀

  22. exquisite. beautifully done

  23. stunning artwork! my compliments Frida!

  24. Bob Ross style, very nice processing

  25. Lovely – the aging is very effective.

  26. cool composition, lovely treatment

  27. Very creative. Love the soft feeling.

  28. beautiful, tasty work here 🙂

  29. You've achieved a great looking "painterly" effect with this shot and the processing. Very effective fine image.

  30. This looks like a painting, pure artwork

  31. very creative

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