All light on me

All light

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  1. Very ghost-like.

  2. This is beautiful in monochrome…a wonderful shot of this great animal!

  3. simply beautiful

  4. made me smile and a whole bunch of levels, knights in shining armor, Mr. Ed, etc. love.

  5. Do you know horses keep standing all their lives, they don't sit or lie doen… ever

  6. Gorgeous BW image .

  7. That is a superb shot.

  8. he looks kinda sleepy.. 🙂 nice shot!

  9. Beautiful image

  10. Wonderful shot, the horse here just steals the scene!

  11. gorgeous

  12. Stunning!! Such exquisitely beautiful light!

  13. I like the contrast of the nicely lighted horse with the the setting. Makes a striking looking picture. Very strong image.

  14. Oh, what a beauty.

  15. it's white like an angel, or a kind of mythical horse.

  16. "Hi-yo, Silver, away!"

  17. The horse looks like it's participating in wordless wednesday…. or maybe it's refusing:-)

  18. My first reaction…"Shadowfax"

  19. the B&W makes it a heavenly horse

  20. Looks like a magical horse! Beautiful color toning and light!

  21. a magical horse

  22. Åh så otroligt vacker bild!

  23. Now we wait for the knight in shining armor!?!

  24. perfect proportion between light and shadows

  25. First it made me think of Pippi, but something was missing…..

  26. Interesting find masterly captured!

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