Eurasian Nuthatch

Eurasian Nuthatch
  1. I've never seen a bird that didn't like sunflower seeds, and this one looks like he's had a few, judging by the lean on the feeder :))

  2. fantastic capture

  3. Light and details are just amazing. Very well done.

  4. Love the detail and DOF. Squirrels attack our feeder.

  5. A fine shot of this nuthatch checking out the feeder. He looks much more streamlined compared to the nuthatches that show up at my feeder and birth bath occasionally. They are amazing little acrobats who hang upside down to get a drink of water. Amazing!

  6. simply so , so lovely 🙂

  7. Awww. What a tweetie-bird, Frida. :

  8. A beautiful and cute capt

  9. What a wonderful array of colors in one frame. This is magnificent.

  10. looks like he's protecting his territory.. 😀 nice capture..

  11. Adorable shot of this beautiful bird Frida. Such a lovely serene mood.

  12. Fine capture. Very nice selective focus.

  13. he seems alart for somthing

  14. Beautiful…and the bird is looking right into the lens.

  15. it looks, he just moved in 🙂

  16. den hatten wir leider noch nie am Futterhaus..
    wunderschön 😀
    LG vom katerchen

  17. Nice shot. great detaisl It seems as the bird is staring

  18. Cameras are only a minor annoyance as long as the feeder is full. 🙂 Love the warm and colorful background.

  19. very nice colours

  20. lovely datails, as always in perfect sharpness

  21. Good morning Mr. Nuthatch! Is it just me or does he look angry? O.o

    hehe Happy WW!

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