Industrial buildings

Industrial buildings

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  1. Looks like an old painting. Nice work.

  2. I like the composition of this shot Freda……great depth perception…..peter:)

  3. There's something ominous about this shot. I thinks it's the combination of the faded colors and the telephoto foreshortening. Nicely done.

  4. lovely, nice processing

  5. love the tones, just beautiful

  6. The harmony of motif and post-processing is perfect. Excellent work, Frida!

  7. Beautiful subtle colors and really well composed.

  8. artistic PP, like the grunge look!

  9. A very beutiful and well processed image. You have given it a touch of old painting and structure, that I really like.

  10. Impressive image, really like the tones, gives the image a vintage effect and creates a certain interesting mood.

  11. very nice processing, it looks like a view from the past ! nice work !

  12. this is a real wallhanger. fantastic and adorable work!!!

  13. Very very nice. It looks like the rail tracks don't get used much.

  14. Neat – especially with the desaturated feel and texture!

  15. Love how you've processed this – making the structures look even more gritty and industrial than they otherwise would.

  16. The repetition in the buildings give them a unified look that makes a strong graphic image. Nice shot.

  17. good shot

  18. O-O-O. I bet this has a train-load of history, Frida. So beautifully presented to us.

  19. Beautiful architecture in this old building and the treatment is a great match!

  20. it initially looked like a graveyard.. 😀 good to know that it's just neglected urban place..

  21. beautiful shot.

  22. very creative job you done here. beautiful texture

  23. Very old school… I like every single pixel of this photograph. Nice job!

  24. nice mood with this one…

  25. Oh, wow, you've made it seem like an old photograph. I love this.

  26. Outstanding! Your processing is so beautiful. One of my favourites.

  27. They don't make buildings like that anymore – fine post processing

  28. Good expression of past times.

  29. nicely finished…rich material here!

  30. Such beautiful architecture for a warehouse. I like the old "feel" to this image.

  31. cool processing

  32. Fantastic photo!

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