A winter’s day…

A winter's day
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  1. The perfectly flocked tree on a field of blue.

  2. Wow.

  3. lovely detail

  4. Exquisite beauty! I can feel the cold air!!!

  5. I like these winter impressions, very nice

  6. very nice details and beautiful contrast with the with snow and the green "leafs". mycket bra!

  7. Wow, wonderful the macro and the colors together.

  8. Fantastiskt vacker bild! Underbart ljus! :O)

  9. A beautiful composition.

  10. awesome shot. fresh and clear…just beautifull

  11. wonderful clarity, very nice work, all the best for you and yours

  12. beautiful

  13. A winter's delight, Frida, at your fingertips!

  14. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Great photo

  15. Nice one, beautiful details!

  16. Nicely done, a crisp and frosty winter shot!

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