Cold winter morning

Cold Winter Morning
  1. Brilliant composition – the red 'pops' amongst the frosty 'foliage' in the scene.

  2. love the tones

  3. I just love it when winter just shrouds the land like this!

  4. Beautiful saturated colors and so clean! Our small amount of snow is being washed away today by driving rains.

  5. ow wow, so perfect. we had that kind of snow here last week, the kind that sticks to the trees and looks so pretty. you captured it perfectly.

  6. Now that's cold.

  7. Unusual composition! Very wintery and very nice!

  8. Its Beautiful!! But better wrap up in several layers before you go out for a snowball fight.

  9. This is SOOOOOO wintery!

  10. Gorgeous winter wonderland composition. Like the touch of red contrasting with the pristine snow. Excellent shot Frida.

  11. Wow, so much snow!
    Like a real winter wonderland!

  12. That red is amazing in the snow, what awesome scene!

  13. what a feel and a lovely image 😀

  14. This is so gorgeous and lovely compo .

  15. Oh wow, that's so beautiful! Love the accent of the red house between all that white … a perfect winterwonderland!

  16. What a stunning winter scene. Love the combination of the red and the grey tones.

  17. Great Winter Picture

  18. Wonderful winter view ! Dreamland of cold and of beauty , i want be there to wait santa 😉
    Greetings from France

  19. That is a magical shot. Wonderful.

  20. Such a delightful winter scene. You make the snow so appealing.

  21. Superb winter scene. Great control of light and perfect overall sharpness.

  22. This is quite a lot of snow.The red house stands nicely out of the snow.

  23. wow clarity — love it

  24. wonderful view, (the light from the background is just like Heaven) so simple and wonderful !

  25. A winter wonderland!! How absolutely beautiful!!!

  26. this is such a lovely winter scene.. great catch.. 🙂

  27. great combination of colours!

  28. absolutely gorgeous, frida!!!

  29. great winter shot .. i can feel the coldness

  30. wonderful white, marvelous winter!!!

  31. The hoar frost gives the tree limbs a filigree look that is very appealing. A beautiful shot.

  32. and snowy too. Wonderful winter shot.

  33. I can feel the cold. Great photo!

  34. I feel the cold, nice shot

  35. cold but beautiful

  36. This is wonderful! Fantastic snow and tree and splash of red color! Beautiful!

  37. and cold it is…

  38. Wow, Frida. Full color and nearly black and white. Love the inclusion of the brilliant red.

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