House in the woods

House in the woods
  1. Lovely swedish house and place in the snow.

  2. superbe composition.

  3. lovely house, really a great snowy, festive season !

  4. This is a beautiful image of this lovely house…the winter is so inviting..great shot Frida!

  5. fantastic capture, this is the house I'm looking for :-).

  6. This looks very much like some of the country houses here in Canada today…..this is an excellent shot Frida…..peter:)

  7. So who is Wilma?

  8. The house looks so warm and welcoming, great photo!

  9. A lovely serene country setting, the snowfall creates such a wonderful mood. Excellent composition.

  10. Reminds me of home… a great seasonal image that beckons for hot cocoa.

  11. Beauty does not need to be colored, just like on your photo.
    I feel this idyllic, winter atmosphere.
    Wonderfully composed photo.

  12. Beautiful and delightful mood of the winter!:-) Wonderful rendering!

  13. lovley place, very nice location

  14. so nice to see the fluffy snow and the typical cottage

  15. Very cozy and warm-looking, Frida. It would easily be my castle.

  16. Just feels homey somehow. Very inviting. I like the slight blue hue.

  17. A wonderful winter scene. An exceptional Christmas scene.

  18. That is a very cool shot.

  19. Little Red Riding Hoods home it looks like. Excellent shot!

  20. looks very inviting!

  21. Oooooh! fantastic view! Love all that snow!

  22. marvelous capture

  23. I like the quaint look of the house in the shrubs. That one window makes a good focal point. Nice one.

  24. Beautiful candid scene.

  25. beautiful image, Frida ! Looks so warm and so lovely !

  26. This is exquisite! I love the lighting and tones, nice compo

  27. I feel the cold of the snow, lovely shot

  28. like a fairy tale

  29. I'm so envious of your beautiful winter!!!

  30. i'm thinking of gingerbread housed laced in icing.. 😉 very nice capture..

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