Soldiercroft Linda number 115

Soldiercroft Linda


  1. Beautiful. Nothing can be better than snuggled up in a warm little cabin under a blanket of snow!

  2. Not picnic table weather. Did you find the geocache??

  3. I'm fascinated with the structure wondering if it's a house. Lovely image.

  4. A beautiful winter scene so well presented. Looks like a great place to spend Christmas.

  5. indeed simply lovely

  6. Iy seems like al that snow fits this house well 🙂

  7. simply lovely, wonderful place to live

  8. great composition here

  9. Such a lovely winter scene. Definitely a Hallmark image. Beautiful capture!

  10. Cute . very cute 🙂

  11. lovely

  12. Lovely cottage Frida; seems like we are going to get some more white stuff here…burr! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods? Chris

  13. Such gorgeous white on white. Love this winter scene and image!

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