1. Great scenery, and wonderful processing. Very nice.

  2. This is an excellent image of the old tree, and your choice of texture enhances works so well with the subject. Well done.

  3. Beautiful and so stark!

  4. We're all getting into this..aren't we? This whole texture thing is both creative and contagious. Lovely image!

  5. Wow… that's a big boy isn't it? Great shot, nice processing.

  6. The grain / texture is excellent and adds an extra touch to this very simple and sophisticated composition!

  7. This is a fine, old snag that makes a good subject for a picture. Your special processing has texturized the image and enhanced it. A fine successful and very appealing image.

  8. awesome texture here and clever processing , love this isolation, wonderful work Frida

  9. beautiful. I love black and white. and applause to Kim K. too!

  10. I love tree trunks, the more weathered the better. I find it very difficult to make pleasing images of them. You have done well here. I think the gentle flowing background really sets the tree off.

  11. Great naked , so rich tree ! Love your processing work .

  12. outstanding processing Frida!
    But more here – the dead tree-skeleton standing alone in front of the living as a reminder, acall from the past? Great inspiration you are dear Frida!

  13. what a marvelous way of presenting this photo

  14. Interesting character, wonder if it perhaps got struck by lightening or succumbed to natural aging process of time. A bit different than the decorate evergreens usually displayed this time of year, Thanks for being original 🙂

  15. Beautiful ~ very artistic.

    Enjoying WW!

  16. nostalgic!

  17. Very nice layered processing.

  18. A stunning tree with such a grand old shape. Your processing is just perfect for this.

  19. I have lots of spooky trees in my yard, but I am not near water… I want to learn how to add these kind of effects (if that is what they are called) to play with my photos. Have a great WW! ~Faythe @ GMT~

  20. love the effect

  21. wonderful treatment and textures !

  22. Outstanding composition and post production work. Very nicely done. Happy WW.

  23. A perfect mergence of image and texture…very beautiful and creative.

  24. Very nice!!

  25. Black and White photographs are my very favorite. Beautiful.

    Have a terrific WW. 🙂

    Wordless Wednesday

  26. love the texture and tones.

  27. Wonderful composition & processing! Well done.

  28. We sure are loving that Kim Klassen, Frida, aren't we! 🙂 This is such a perfect subject for what she offers us.

  29. superb processing! i love the tones and textures

  30. excellent processing

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