Winter sun…

Winter sun

Christmas is over and we look forward to the new year with lots of possibilities.

  1. They're holding hands, er, branches. Lovely display!

  2. Storybook. New possibilities, new stories.

  3. Lot of snow. It seems to be cold.

  4. Lovely winter scene. I wish you a happy new year.

  5. beautiful light in this one. Happy 2011 !

  6. Wow..such beautiful light and tones…wonderful!

  7. Why don't I see a snowman in this garden?! ;o)

  8. A really wonderful winter image. The light is faboulous.
    God fortsättning på det nya året, Frida!

  9. so nice how they seem to be protecting the bush in the middle.. happy new year too! 🙂

  10. wonderful capture! happy new year!

  11. Wonderful winter shot.Lovely fresh snowfall with the reflecting sunlight. Hope you have a Happy New Year!

  12. What an interesting tree…and such gorgeous winter light in this. Wishing you and yours all the best – may this new year bring you everything you wish for..and more!

  13. Happy New Year!!!!!! all the best for you and your family Frida

  14. Have a good new years eve and see ya in 2011!

  15. What a beautiful winter scene my dear!!! Your fantastic play of light and composition make this such a special charm! Wishing you all the joy and peace of the season!

  16. Beautiful backlit shot of this lovely snowy scene.
    Best wishes for the New Year, Frida.

  17. Gorgeous compo and light . Love it . Feel not so cold 😉

  18. wow, now that looks like a lot of snow! really beautiful composition and love the light!

  19. This is just beautiful! The light and shadows are just perfect in this frozen world.

  20. Love this beautiful photo, amazing trees, like I have never seen. They are
    just so unusual. Beautiful tones with just a hint of color and the lighting is
    so superb.

  21. wonderfull winterscenery! and i like pictures against the sun 🙂

  22. The light is absolutely glorious.

  23. Stunning backlight here, Frida.

  24. Perfect and nice, a winter scene.
    Excellent, soft sunlight,
    but probably this place looks better in summer 😉

  25. great light

  26. A Winter Wonderland with sun – love it. Here, I miss the sun, but I don`t give up the hope 🙂

  27. fine composition. gorgeous light

  28. Those trees are fabulous and the bit of sun streaming in……terrific shot!

  29. I like the rugged trees as a prime item in this excellent picture of backlit winter sunlight working its magic on everything. Fine image.

  30. This is the kind of winter that takes my breath away, Frida.

  31. Beautiful shaped trees and the sun light is just wonderful in this photo!

  32. When the sun shines like that on a winter morning, it's just a beautiful sight!

  33. Great winter scene here

  34. gorgeous! Love the light and the graphic quality of the trees.

  35. Beautiful…..definitely Winter light

  36. i LOVE this. something magical about the glisten and the 2 trees…

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