A castle in decay

A castle in decay

Inside Engsö Castle, sadly a castle in decay. More Wordless Wednesday here “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. You have a beautiful and very great living room 😉

    It`s sad, that a lot of treasures like this goes lost slowly, but maintenance costs are enormously high for private or the state ….

  2. Life happens but it is still beautiful.

  3. Really? It's still very beautiful to me!

  4. It all looks so refined – and then you notice the "fire escape" built of unpainted 2 x 6 lumber and the funny little sign.

  5. Such a beautiful room, nicely shot. I really like muted tones in this.

  6. It is beautiful even in decay.

  7. must've been really grand in it's heyday.. nicely captured though.. 🙂

  8. The cool elegance of this room and its setting of furniture is pronounced.
    It impresses me as a room that yells "look but don't touch." Excellent interior shot.

  9. Brillaint image and your treatment is simply fabulous . Love these tones.
    Well, cannot forget – I love this room too 🙂 ha ha

  10. Perhaps old and decaying..but beautifully captured!

  11. A castle, none the less!

  12. This is just a cool place, and the emergency exit is what really makes this shot 😉

  13. practically perfect i really love this discreet victorian style, pleasent point of vieux in its totality

  14. not a real cosy room to sit in

  15. just like our living room 🙂

  16. Such a gorgeous scene. Sad to hear this beautiful place is in decay. The floor looks to me like the one in Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.

  17. What a shame, Frida. But at least they still allow visitors, I see, as well as photos. As castles go, it feels very cozy. I love your POV and PPing, as always.

  18. Excellent capture well placed in the frame! Very nice use of ambient light, too.

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