It is a long wait until spring and summer.

  1. I dont think that hatchet is worth much when is thaws.

  2. Nice find, and great title.

  3. Cool .. you forget to work? 😉

  4. Definitely hibernating. What a cool shot!

  5. I'd think it'd be used frequently to split kindling at this time of year.

  6. What a beautiful shot. Looks very cold too.

    Have a terrific day and a fabulous WW. 🙂

  7. very delicate composition i love this white dominant

  8. Frida, by the time winter is over, you may find the Tin Man, too 🙂

  9. Looks like someone is trying to hide so they don't have to go to work.

  10. Hope your wood's already split…..this looks like a cold chore. Great title for this wonderful concept image. Nicely done.

  11. Everyone deserves a good rest now and then, Frida! I love it.

  12. yes, for me it definately took too long Frida. Love the photo!

  13. Wonderful capture, really cool. At least they know where the axe is, if they would run out of firewood.

  14. Great minimalist image! Love its composition and monochromatic feel.

  15. wow, i wouldn't want to be the one cutting wood in that weather.. 😀 nicely captured..

  16. This is a beautiful display of the a winter scene in Sweden Freda……i like it…i have taken a similar photo of my chopping block down at my fire pit by the lake….peter:)

    It is nice to come back for a visit.

  17. Good eye to see the possibility for this shot… and for getting such a nice image of the axe. I especially like the title.

  18. A great observation. I don't think that ax will get sharper like this, but it sure is a nice little scene.

  19. that must give frozen water, so tap a snow cone icecream, haha

  20. Love it. And see you in the spring!

  21. Such a wonderful winter detail. Great find!

  22. One can feel different moods from this wonderful composition. The cold pure snow with the solitary axe and lovely country setting creates various feelings. Excellent job with this compo.

  23. I like what you've found here. Excellent image.

  24. not much work going on around here! Nice find

  25. Ready for action if the worker is back from wintersleep. Nice still life.

  26. cool shot
    but i guess an axe has a good use at winter

  27. Nice shot – good title. Let us see the axe again in the spring.

  28. Fantastic still life! I hope you've got enough chopped wood to get you through the cold, because that ax is completely gone 😉

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