Today we took the first trip for this year to our cottage. We had to shovel snow from the roof, it was getting heavy.

  1. You have an eye for the unusual!

  2. why so brown? great shot.

  3. that is amazing.

  4. well seen…but what is it?

  5. such a strange colour, interesting capture though

  6. Interesting color of icicles. How steep is your roof and how much snow was on it? Roof shoveling is quite a job!

  7. Lite läbbiga!

  8. Great capture !

  9. woah! what is that! it sure looks great with the snow and all.. 🙂

  10. Looks like a cross-section of the winter garden……carrots of course. Great shot!

  11. That is kinda of strange looking. Cool!

  12. The grasses have become icicles! This is such a cool and unique capture…love it!
    Happy New Year, Frida!

  13. WOW! Gorgeous color in these icicles. WOW!

  14. spectacular in details

  15. The colour is very cool.

  16. Never seen any orange ones before. Strange and delicate to see the green tendrils growing in the snow.

  17. Amazing structures you photographed here! I like the contrast between the brown icicles and the white of the surrounding snow.

  18. really phenomenal in it's shape and color!, happy new year Frida!

  19. what made the icicles have that colour? looks cool anyway

  20. What a great photo, masssive ice

  21. This looks so surreal, Frida, like an abstract painting. I hope you got all the snow off the roof without damaging it or you!

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