In the afternoon sun December 14th.

In the afternoon sun
  1. Oh, I love this, that bit of color just next to his head, perfect…

  2. Nice capture…I love the texture around bird

  3. What a wonderful shot!

  4. Beautiful picture of a bird.

  5. cute. love it!

  6. The bird has found a wonderful protected and sunny place – beautiful.

  7. You have so many pretty birds. It looks so soft and I like how it's entirely black.

  8. What a wonderfully cheery shot. And that remaining red berry is the perfect exclamation. Well seen!

  9. That is a beauty.

  10. I like that one last berry next to the bird's head!
    And what a wonderful abstract-ish background mat framing this warm and inviting scene of winter.

  11. beautiful, love how the eye and that red berry comes together

  12. This is beautiful! Love the light and the little red berry behind the bird. Well done!

  13. very nice warm light for this "Merlo" bird !

  14. I like the warm light.

  15. Slowly birds are getting out here, too bad winter is not gone by a long shot

  16. lovely and delicate

  17. Ser ju ut som en vårdag 😉

  18. I often wonder how these birds can find their way through such labryrinths, Frida. But they do and they sit their waiting for you and your camera! 🙂

  19. The tangle of branches contrasts nicely with the calm pose of the bird. The light is beautiful too!

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