Providing warmth on a cold day.

Warmth on a cold day
The Combined Heat and Power plant in Västerås.

  1. This is exceptional!

  2. Industry and nature go well together here

  3. Thank God, Frida! It's a beautiful setting with the snow. Stay warm!

  4. Nice combination or contrast between industry and the purity of nature.

  5. I love the image detail and the fitting title!

  6. Really like the contrast between pretty landscape & industrial.

  7. I love all of the shades of white and gray here. Wonderfully done.

  8. A very great title 🙂 i can feel the cold , yeah ! beautiful photo , Frida

  9. Wonderful soft color and light. And – i just love the title/description. Perfect!

  10. I like this wintry scene that does a great job of conveying the crisp winter air and cold. Fine shot.

  11. great title for this beautifull landscape shot. can feel the cold 🙂

  12. I nice crisp photo brings out a nice crisp day. Keep on clicking.

  13. Wow, Frida, this is superb.

  14. Neat balance with how the shadows cast in one direction and the smoke in the other.
    (Glad some hoodlums haven't spoiled the scene by playing around and building snowmen in the foreground 😉

  15. The steam really stands out on that cold day.

  16. Nice picture.

  17. funny title, i like how the tree is leaning to the chimney

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