Christmas leftover

Left over
  1. Beautiful colors and textures!

  2. And it just grows there? That's something else! Funny photo.

  3. It does have a beautiful bright glowing green color. Good catch!

  4. My neighbours had til today a few Santa Claus at the house – I`m glad now, that I don`t see them til December – thankfully 🙂

  5. It looks to be in good shape. Ready for the rest of the winter…and perhaps for all summer. Nice shot of this bright green tree.

  6. Beautiful find and capture Frida!!! The light and interplay of colours couldn't be more beautiful… very lovely mood!:-)

  7. Great find! May be they left it there for next Christmas 🙂

  8. That it is fake, it shows

  9. Sorry for the typo on your name Frida….. i still like this shot…..there are even sparkles in the snow from parts of the tree:D….re-peter)

  10. Left over…..but it looks quite at home in the snow….nice fun shot Freda….peter:)

  11. for something that's thrown away, it still looks good.. 🙂 nice capture..

  12. It has to come down by Easter.

  13. Those are bright greens.

  14. Another object brought to us by oil…yay! Nice contrast here.

  15. Doesn't wanna let go…

  16. fine detail

  17. it's a beautifully ugly fake tree 🙂

  18. Fake and it lasted until Feb 7! Ha! Good shot.

  19. I love all the tiny starlights…like sparkling snowflakes. However, I'm not sure I've ever seen a fake Christmas tree outside in the snow, Frida!

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