Wilma’s playhouse

The playhouse
  1. Hehe, this looks exactly like my sister's birdhouse!

  2. ooooh i wanna move in, what a cute little house 🙂

  3. With all the snow, and the red and white, it makes me think of Santa Claus, so good feelings. 🙂

  4. What a cute little house! Very beautiful photo.

  5. Typically Swedish, I think they are called 'stugan', if I am not mistaken

  6. Oh sweet! This is what my sister and I always wanted ;D
    (We would have also taken a tree house I guess ;D) I bet she can´t wait for spring!

  7. What an inviting scene! That sunlight turns this winter scene into a warm invitation. Cool shot.

  8. Awh, this is too precious. Love those horseshoes for decoration. The way the light is falling across this is stunning.

  9. She even has her Good Luck horseshoes. What a lucky little lady! I love it, Frida.

  10. Touching. It looks perfect out there in a landscape made of snow, woodland and sunlight.

  11. Have a nice sunday!

  12. what a cute house

  13. So sweet and inviting. Love the color in this – the red against the white snow!

  14. what a beautiful scene, very nice..

  15. WoW!! Lots of snow. Looks like a fun place.

  16. Nice home. Nice light ans lots of snow.

  17. this is for a child? its so perfect, lucky Wilma!

  18. Love this! Wanna go inside! 🙂

  19. lovely, my daughters would love it
    also beautiful light

  20. what a great little house, almost a doll house

  21. really a pleasant use of natural light, wonderful and delicate photo, compliments Frida, nice day

  22. Wonderful colors and great control of light.
    I got a big smile when I saw this. Must be fun to be a kid there!

  23. What a fun and neat playhouse in such a peaceful and quiet setting!

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