Ice sculpture

Ice sculpture
  1. Wow.

  2. Real artwork this is, it's just too bad that it doesn't last… 🙂

  3. Ice ice baby………. ice sculpture…….. to exist for a fleeting time only…….. doomed to melt……… needs the assistance of the photographer to get an extended life and platform……. nice one thank you……… :-))


  4. Hi Frida. I only just discovered your 'Happy New Year' comment in my server database marked as spam. You actually made the very first comment on my blog for the year 2011 and I didn't know it was there. I have edited the database so your comment is now published:) So I wish you a belated Happy New Year! I love the beautiful ice statue in this post! It's interesting, the pink color showing through the legs from the brickwork behind almost looks like the Virgin is actually within the ice!
    Best regards…

  5. Cool sculpture and nice shot.

  6. Ice sculptures have always fascinated me, Frida. This one is no exception, perfect for this setting.

  7. En märklig men fin bild med en definitiv ordlös isskulptur, men själva bilden säger mer än tusen ord!säger me

  8. A beautiful ice sculpture. There is something so special about art work doomed to a short life. I'm glad we have the ability to capture it in a fine image like this one.

  9. Amazing sculpture. The sun is out but It should be cold…

  10. that sure is a lovely ice sculpture.. nice shot.. 🙂

  11. Very cool! 😉

  12. terrific

  13. Oh my! I'm wordless! What a find

  14. chaud devant !

  15. A beautiful sculpture and I love that light on the brick wall in the background with the shadow play of the trees!

  16. Frosty virgin 🙂

    Well composed!

  17. Fantastic sculpture! It always amazes me that they don't melt. Terrific!

  18. Hello dear Frida!
    I´ve been a very bad visitor lately 🙁 Sry, time keeps running away from me it seems…
    This icesculpture is amazing ! – and the contrast in colours to the BG is interesting – but what happened to Jesus´ hands?! =)

  19. wonderful

  20. Beautiful sculpture and composition
    Like the color and texture of the brick wall

  21. I wonder how long it will last

  22. These always amaze me.

  23. Interesting! Thanks for sharing.

  24. This fascinating ice sculpture nicely stands out against the red brick background. Well seen and captured!

  25. it looks like white marble, really a wonderful sculpture!

  26. Well, that is a most beautiful utilization of this cold weather!

  27. cool shot and sculpture

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