Magnolia Buds

Magnolia Buds

A walk around my favorite spots in town resulted in this find. The Magnolia buds have started to grow.

  1. beautiful colors

  2. Perfectly exposed close-up and a beautiful foretaste of spring. I hope the magnolia buds survive and you can show us the blossoms in their full beauty.

  3. this is the first sign of spring to me, we call them 'katjes' here in Holland

  4. Nice! A portent of spring. When ours magnolia puts out buds, we hold our breath for awhile—we often have late freezes here, and some years the buds are a total loss. I am hoping this year will bring a bounty of blossoms! Nicely captured buds, along with lichen on the branch, and with an interesting variety of color behind the branch.

  5. I'm surprised to see these. You're only about 3 weeks behind us…maybe 2 weeks. Ours have the blossoms. Beautiful macro, Frida.

  6. Very soon!

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