Dinner’s ready!

Dinner is ready

We are celebrating Midsummer this Friday and Saturday. I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

  1. Beautiful bucolic setting. I love not only the horses but also the unique rocks protruding from the landscape!

  2. What wonderful shaggy-maned ponies. I like this a lot, Frida.


  3. See them stampede to their meal!! LOL!! I love these horsed, and there are sofew inIreland. Here we most have shires. Lovely as well. The third foal of this season was just born a couple of days ago in the fieldacross my house!!!

  4. i like this shot! the sweet horses aswell as the nice red house in the back. only the weather could be a bit nicer, could it? 😉

  5. Fascinating light, long-haired manes.
    Enjoy the celebrations, Frida!

  6. I can imagine the thundering hoofs pounding the ground as the large horses gallop along. Food is a strong motivator for all us animals. 🙂 Fine image.

  7. Happy celebration, Frida. Don’t we all love this festive time of the year! Frolicking horses having a great time. I like that. 🙂

  8. lovely scene and a funny title

  9. What better way to celebrate Midsummer than with this lovely group of running horses. An intriguing shot, nicely processed. My blog has a horse featured today, too. ‘Great minds think alike,’ and all that. 😉

  10. Happy celebration! The celebration of Midsummer’s Eve, from ancient times linked to the summer solstice, is a nice tradition!

  11. beautiful pastoral scene

  12. Very nice!

  13. Beautiful horses. Please show us some pictures of your way celebrating midsummer 🙂

  14. You too, even though it is just thursday

  15. they look huge.. like football players.. 🙂 nice shot!

  16. they’re so pretty. not wasting any time either:-)

  17. Those are some handsome looking beasts. Excellent shot.

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