He makes birdhouses

He makes birdhouses
“How is the birdhouse coming along, Charlie Brown?”
“Well, I’m a lousy carpenter, I can’t nail straight, I can’t saw straight and I always split the wood… I’m nervous, I lack confidence, I’m stupid, I have poor taste and absolutely no sense of design… So, all things considered, it’s coming along okay!”
~ Charles M. Schulz (The Complete Peanuts 1959-1960)

  1. Now this one I can kind of capture the smell of the fresh cut wood. You’re given me an idea for a weekend bird project!

  2. The sawdust makes this.

  3. My best friends dad makes them himself too, better than store bought

  4. cute text for this. i like all the dust between you and him.

  5. i’m a bad carpenter too 🙂

  6. Aren’t WE ALL a bit like Charlie Brown? Nice action shot!

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