I spy a little fly II

I spy a little fly II
  1. You’ve got a lot of beautiful things in Sweden, so of course, I’m not surprised that even your flies have cute stripes!

  2. wow! That’s close, very, very close….and very good.

  3. Läcker och lite otäck. Tur att de inte är så stora i verkligheten.

  4. Incredible macro shot. Well done.

  5. Wonderful macro; great job getting the entire fly in focus. I like the blade of grass added for color and dimension.

  6. not an easy task. they fly away so quickly. your focus is spot on.

  7. from upclose they look creepy

  8. Very good details, nice to look at even if you (like me) does not like insects very much. 🙂

  9. great macro

  10. amazing macro, really good Frida

  11. wonderful closeup . super details 😉 and now i have to say – i hate flies !!!!!

  12. Wow, where is my fly spatter.

  13. A fine close in with with amazing detail right down to the segments in his eyes. This is one fine macro shot.

  14. … needs a haircut.
    Great details.

  15. Nice macro 🙂

  16. great closeup! he looks a little bit too hairy for me though.. 😀

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