I spy a little fly

I spy a little fly
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  1. Great macro, I especially love how the white petals fill the screen as if a white canvas.

  2. I like the softness of this excellent capture. Well done!

  3. excellent!

  4. lovely flower, i like the textures and veins visible in there. a bit unusual for me, i usually see bees with flowers.

  5. i like the white background; the flower petal feels like a crisp white sheet. it really showcases the bee and the yellow stamen around the ovule. it’s brilliant frida.

  6. i love the softness of that yellows in front of that pure white background. great macro !

  7. A fine, detailed closed up with a pleasant arrangement of the flower’s stamen and the fly. Very well done.

  8. excellent closeup

  9. I love how you see things, Frida!

  10. Lovely macro. The fly knows where are good things.

  11. Exquisite macro!! Love the color in this one!

  12. A lovely macro with soft light and very good details.

  13. What an awesome close-up – we can see every hair on this fly!

  14. Nice image, selective focus and framing works a treat.

  15. excellent macro

  16. the flower itself came out fantastic. i like that the grain of the petals on the white are visible. really nice.

  17. Absolutely gorgeous! I hate these things in my house but on this beautiful white flower it is lovely.

  18. Wonderful! Pitty it is not a little bigger 🙂

  19. A really well composed macro shot here.

  20. STUNNING Frida, be proud to call this your work

  21. That is gorgeous. I love the colours and the brightness which really make him pop out.

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