Out of the closet…

Out of the closet
  1. What a beauty. Hope it still works

  2. That’s why people shouldn’t judge others – I had no inkling that May 15th of this year was when you entered the DSLR world!

  3. Oh these are adorably photographed cases!
    Love the warm leathery toning – and the cute box camera!!! my mom still has her old agfa box, she got when she was a kid 😉 Must ask her to get it out one day.

  4. Läste ditt inlägg och jag kan bara tillägga att jag är en Canon girl too.

  5. i like the look of the subjects here, a bit of something from the 70’s, imo

  6. a classic beauty

  7. Fantastic composition and tones.

  8. What a beautiful box camera. Do you have use it ?
    I have only buy one for deco 😉

  9. You’re so much cuter out of the closet, Frida, 😀 I still can’t believe you just got a DSLR. I wouldn’t have guessed that in a million years.

  10. Great post Frida, both here and on V&V. I do love toying with new equipment and I think most photogs are at least a little bit of a gear head but in the end it’s the image that transports us and keeps our focus on this marvelous craft. The success of your photoblog to date is absolute proof of this simple truth.

  11. The brownie junior is in excellent shape. An online site says it was introduced in 1934 and that it took 2 1/4 by 4 1/4 size pictures…thus the two viewers one for vertical pictures and one for horizontal. The case too is in superb shape.

  12. Nicest little box camera and in good condition it seems.
    Like the post on V&V

  13. I will visit V&V in a sec

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