Snake eyes

Snake eyes
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  1. Fascinating, and I see it was fascinated in you. (I’m glad this is not one of the things from ”in my backyard” section.)

  2. beautiful portrait of this fascinating animal!

  3. eye to eye… I hope, this snake was behind a glas… What kind of snake is it?

  4. Very nice, i love snakes

  5. he spotted you 🙂

  6. Fantastisk bild med perfekt- komposition, skärpa och ljus. Men lite otäckt, hoppas du är försiktig som Mariana påpekat i sin kommentar!

  7. outstanding close-up

  8. an exceptional portrait. i’m guessing it’s someone’s pet?

  9. wonderful, incredible capture .. be careful girl ;))) I would run away if saw it :))

  10. Very original composition, Frida! A brilliant find and a creative photograph.

  11. That is wonderful. I love those colours. Excellent.

  12. This is exactly the way I like photos of snakes. S/he looks so cute. Very well done, Frida.

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