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  1. Spider webs are amazing to behold, but very difficult to photograph. Nice job!

  2. Detta foto tycker jag jättemycket om 🙂

  3. Nobody is home! 🙂 Makes me smile.

  4. lovely and cool bokeh!

  5. Cool spider web – and great bokeh !

  6. Exquisite detail. Love the light in this!

  7. nicely done. i’m glad nobody was home:-)

  8. wonderful image 😉

  9. Great details of the web. And wonderful bokeh lights.

  10. trapped in the web

  11. This is a macro stunner! I love that you were ablt capture the focus on such a tenuous, insubstantial thing as a spiderweb. Cool!

  12. This photo was titled just right!

  13. cool light

  14. Mystery and beauty! Wonderful colours and play of light!

  15. Really cool!!!

  16. Glad you captured the photo and didn’t run into it! I seem to run into every single spiderweb made in my yard and then I run screaming like a mad woman!

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