European hornet

European hornet
 European hornet,

a bit slow since it had been inside the cottage for a while.
A moments rest and then he flew away.
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  1. Great! I have a lot of respect of them – in the garden we have one extremely big hornet, doing it´s circles around the garden and trying to get in the window frame – since I got stung years ago on the leg (not her fault, she sat there and I didn´t noticed and moved the other leg over) – I will keep my distance!

  2. looks dangerous… do they live up in sweden? i think we don’t have them in switzerland, luckly.

    great makro shot!

  3. Fine close-up

  4. Beautiful color tones on the hornet! Glad you let it live. I also appreciate how it was isolated by itself on the screen before flying away outside. FWIW, I’ve been stung twice this year, before that it had been over 20 years (because I know you care 🙂

  5. What enchanting colour! Maybe just a disguise for its danger! Wonderful macro!!!

  6. great macro

  7. Cool macro. I hate these big ones…

  8. Super shot, lots of gorgeous detail.

  9. excellent shot!

  10. En velkjent gjest – best på avstand 🙂

  11. i looked long enough to know your focal point is spot on. i don’t see how you could stand to process this:-)

  12. great macro . love these soft tones

  13. Excellent. Macro is such fun

  14. Now, if only I can find a slow one, Frida, and get an image halfway close to this…I’d be a happy camper!

  15. Excellent details, nice!

  16. Exquisite detail and capture. I didn’t know there were different kinds of hornets?? Thanks for ‘educating’ me!

  17. another cracking macro!

  18. looks like a desperate one
    cool capture

  19. Frida, what a great shot! It became even more stunning when I clicked on the image to enlarge it. Wonderful!!!

  20. Great shot!
    FYI: the images don’t show in your Feed.

  21. Excellent close up of this interesting creature.

  22. Awesome capture, Frida!

  23. wow — what detail!

  24. never knew we had these big ones in Europe

  25. Very nice shot. So sharp.

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