Glassblowers at work

Glassblowers at work

I  have been working on another website for the past few days. So I haven’t been around as much as I would have liked. This is another shot from Skansen, Stockholm.

  1. Like the various ‘stages’ of process work of the “three” people, and how you’ve captured it all in one photograph!

  2. lovely mixture of cold and warm colours – the concentration of the workers you caught so well here!

  3. Great handicraft. I admire the people. I’ve seen this in Burano /Italy. Wow. Nice documentary picture.

  4. Nice to get three stages of the process in one image.

  5. Environmental portraits of people are my favorite genre. Nice compo. Informative Thanks.

  6. great capture, the focus in the eyes is evident

  7. an amazing art & talent they have. i like that spot of red in the shoes.

  8. This is a great shot. I like the concentration of the workers and those bright red running shoes 🙂

  9. Love the focus you captured. Such beautiful work.

  10. Interesting photo-reportage. I like it.

  11. very well composed shot

  12. that is pure art to me, how they make it

  13. I, too, enjoy their concentration. Isn’t glassblowing a bit dangerous health-wise? I have seen glassblowers at work and it is fascinating.


  14. Like the intensity that you captured with this shot of the glassblowers in their work environment.

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