New layout test

the viper

I’m testing a new layout. Do you like this better than a clickable image??

  1. I honestly can´t remember how the blog settings were before, but I like it how it is now!

  2. looks pretty cool. in the settings? do tell, please.

  3. This layout is definitely better.
    You have captured this cool car very well.

  4. stunning … good compostition, and the car is cool

  5. Jesper sure is giving you a very big smile!
    (BTW, I like this layout.)

  6. I think this is clearer than your previous one. Straight-forward and not so confusing.

  7. Actually, this means there´s no confusion about what to click on, Frida, so in that regard, I do like it better. 🙂

    Cool car, and none of the kids are looking at it! Ho-hum. Tweedly-dee-dum.

  8. Now that looks like a fast ride 🙂

  9. I too, like this one better. Like the car too. I’ve always wanted one. Sigh!

  10. Jepp I like this one better.

    • I made the change, I can’t imagine how I could have missed it in the settings 😉

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