Princess Fanny swinging

Princess Fanny swinging
  1. She’s prettier than a button (as my dear grandmother would say).
    I bet you have to suppress the urge to post a photograph of her everyday!

  2. Vilket underbart ansiktsuttryck 🙂
    Sitter här och rynkar näsan jag med och mungiporna är vid öronen.

  3. Such a darling! Great shot!

  4. I can’t help but smile with an expression that is almost as big and beautiful as hers. Wonderful, Frida.

  5. lovely child, a happy moment captured

  6. gorgeous little princess-on-the-jump ;D

  7. That’s a happy face and it’s contagious! Great catch!

  8. Very cute, and a very cheerful image 🙂 And by the way how is your hand?

  9. Great expression!

  10. cute!

  11. What a great smile! 🙂

  12. What a nice girl. I like her smile and the pair of teeth 🙂

  13. What an engaging smile. Who could resist this little charmer. A fine shot of at a prime moment.

  14. Oh what a sweetheart! Älskar hur hon rynkar ihop näsan.

  15. What an adorable little girl, love the photo

  16. Soooo adorable! What colorful capture of this priceless moment!:-)

  17. such a beautiful child. love the dimples with that innocent smile. the world is hers!

  18. Truly an adorable photo, love her smile.

  19. fabulous!!! dynamite capture. bravo

  20. Splendid shot of pure happiness!

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