1. Snyggt. Det är en luktgräsfjäril har jag sett i min nya fina fjärilsbok.

  2. This is one of those photos you want to touch! (But, I won’t : -)

  3. Good result – even of you´re struggling 😉
    I use center weight metering and only spot focus – what settings do you use?

  4. Fint fångat.
    Jag var ute igår för att fota fjärilar, såg massor med gula fjärilar men tyvärr så satt de inte stilla en enda sekund.

  5. Looks like you’re doing just fine to me. What an exquisite image!

  6. Great capture, beautiful image and details!

  7. i like that the insect body is hidden in the bloom:-) quite nice.

  8. Perfect composition, DOF…just perfect.

  9. Excellent ! Super closeup, super DOF and bokeh:) So often when I see these beautiful closeups I wish to switch ( for a while ) from my people photography to nature ones 🙂

  10. marvelous

  11. Great capture! I can even see the tiny hair on the wings.

  12. beautiful shot

  13. what a great composition Frida

  14. A wonderful summer image!

  15. Nice Frida

  16. This is a fine butterfly close-up!
    You are heading in the right direction, Frida. Just keep on practicing!

  17. You will 🙂 and this is a lovely image!

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